MidiScript: midi processing with Python

MidiScript is a music programming environment for MacOS. Created as part of my dissertation, it combines the interface and tools of visual systems with the power of a general purpose language.

Software Development

Side projects...

  • C64

    Watch this space for my C64 live coding program!

  • Arduino

    Perfect for hacking old toys and fun little projects.

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Tape Story: Audio redesign

A university project where I replaced and redesigned all the audio for a short video.
The original video is by Bitone and can be found here.

Work experience

Spatial audio mobile application developer (2018)

I'm currently working on a mobile spatial audio application. It's an exciting project and the first public results will be available soon!
Here I'm mainly working with:
Unity for the front end
Android Studio for the back end android plugins
A variety of hardware for positional data
FMOD's low level API for the audio.

AI Intership: Evolutionary computation for gesture control mappings in music (2017)

Over the course of this internship I researched interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) and developed an IEC module for the Glover application. In the context of this project, Glover allows user to link gestural inputs from a range of devices to MIDI outputs. My IEC module created these mapping for the user, and through their feedback evolved new mappings. The internship closed off with an inconclusive user study.
Here I was working in C++ with JUCE in the already established code base of Glover.

BBC Radio Norfolk: Broadcast / Audio engineer (2013-2015)

Here I volunteered as the audio engineer for the weekly live bands performing on air. I also worked as a freelance broadcast engineer on many Radio Norfolk outside broadcasts and events.

Hewett school & 6th form: Music department technician (2014-2015)

As department technician my main responsibilities involved repairing hardware and assisting in music technology classes.

( About )

The Short Version:
I’m Adam Bethell and I'm an audio software developer and sound designer new to Inverness.

The Long Version:
My story begins (like all great ones do) in Norfolk. Here I grew up and desperately tried to get as much audio engineering experience as possible. I got my first break when I started working with SNYA (a local youth group and internet radio station) as their audio engineer and all round technician. Together we built a small recording studio with a funding grant to work with local bands and provide opportunities for young people and those with disabilities. I’d spend my summers travelling around South Norfolk with SNYA doing outside broadcasts from small festivals on our even smaller internet radio station.
All this came to fruition when I got in with BBC Voices at BBC Radio Norfolk. Here I was the audio engineer for live bands on Introducing in Norfolk. By the time I left school I was working as a freelance broadcast engineer for BBC Radio Norfolk and part time as department technician for a high school’s arts department

Then… university. University shaped who I am professionally more than I could have ever predicted. This is where programming quickly became my passion. Jumping in the deep end I started taking part in game jams, hack-a-thons, attended the Audio Developer Conference, and even became president of the Innovative Technology Society.

Most recently I’ve worked as a software developer creating interactive audio experiences and as an intern researching the use of evolutionary computation in music controllers. I’m still actively taking part in game jams, hacking together projects, and working on MidiScript: a music programming environment created as part of my dissertation that won the award for best music tech project.