Pitching delay (download)

A uni assignment audio plugin. Provided as VST and Component. An audio delay that pitch shifts the audio before delaying it.
In this version the parameters are not exposed to the automation layer. I plan to go back and re-write the GUI aspects to better work within a DAW.

UWE Impulse competition (download)

My competition entry that got me 2nd place. The brief was to use JUCE to make an programme that takes non musical or sonic data and outputs audio.
For my entry I made a programme that loads an image. The user can then drag boxes around parts of the image. These sub-selection's pixel data is then used to create a wavetable and a note sequence.
There are options for wave smoothing and pixelating the sub-selection for the sequence.

Tintinnabuli Live (download)

A Max patch that adds harmony to the midi in based on the Tintinnabuli compositional style.
Options for key and distance.
Max for live version coming soon.

Simon (download)

A simple unity game project with the aim to show others some basic concepts.

Serial to midi (download)

Takes a serial data and outputs it as analogue midi data.

Scramble Script (download)

<span id="ScrambleMe">A simple JS script that takes the first HTML element tagged with the id "ScrambleMe" and randomly changes the containing characters from lowercase to uppercase.</span>

Konami code (download)

Another simple JS script. This one listens for the famous series of button presses "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A"
As it stands, entering the code just triggers a pop up, edit the script for your own ends.
Currently running on this page, give it a go!